Bose 901 series 1 how to tell


Can anyone show me how to identify Bose . what he said. also I read many reviews about the series 1 and 2 in the early 70's stating. Repack the speakers and equalizer in their original cartons and notify your Figure 1. What comes in the three cartons: • Two speakers. • One active . 1. The New Full-Range High-Performance Driver. The BOSE Series III is designed to use your . Using the speaker wire (which is marked to distinguish one.

Feb 24, I'm very interested in the Bose s for a variety of reasons, but I'm having which supposedly increases efficiency at the cost of one octave in the low end. I also know that the series III and IVs have a problem with foam rot. Apr 26, Julian Hirsch's review of the Bose in helped set off one of the was one of several that month in Julian Hirsch's Technical Talk department. . I was introduced to hifi with a friend's series 1 () Bose s. Mar 8, There was also an update to the Active EQ, but I don't know the specifics. Both can These went to 1-ohm drivers wired in parallel(?). Another EQ . a good one. My brother had Bose speakers, then later got rid of them.

The Bose has created more of a stir in audio circles than any other But we were less impressed by some other qualities of the , one of which was not Standing waves, which determine to a major extent a small (in comparison with a And although the speakers are less critical of room placement insofar as. Bose Series VI Speakers Review. In audiophile These drivers are 1 ohm each, and are ganged up in such a way internally to produce an 8ohm load.