How to put ribbon around cake


Hi's been a minute. Hope everyone is well! I want to make a cake for my mother and I want to put a ribbon around it. I don't see. For years I have been using real satin/matte ribbon as borders on my wedding cakes. This is a great way to add color to buttercream or fondant cakes without. Adding pretty ribbon borders to the base of cakes give the whole design a finishing, sophisticated touch. You can also incorporate some extra.

Adding a fabric or similar ribbon to a cake is a lovely way to upgrade the cake or in duplicate or triplicate to form different patterns around smaller, lower cakes. I need to put a ribbon around the base of a cake, however, I would think that it would get grease spots on it rather quickly. 1. What kind of ribbon do you use? 2. The first time I had to add a ribbon to one of my cake, I panicked! Wrap the fabric ribbon around the cake and baking paper and attach ends.

I used little dabs of buttercream around the cake to attach the ribbon. of the ribbon and they said it put a light coating of the wax on the ribbon. When putting ribbon round a wedding cake how do I keep it close to cake and looking Once around the cake use another pin to finish off.