How to set up decursive set


I need some help setting up Decursive. I believe the Discipline Priest gets about spells that despell curses, poisons, etc. I'm really bad at. Display the "Decursive" bar (/dcrshow or shift-right-click on the MUF add-ons that don't respect the rules set by Blizzard, such as add-ons that. NOTE: Type /DECURSIVE to open the configuration panel. .. I tried setting it to show, the single one showed up, but when I enabled the test pattern, that one.

Decursive's COMMANDS. /Decursive. To open the configuration interface. / DcrShow. To show main Decursive bar (also available by right-shift-clicking the. Anyway, why not just set Grid up properly, and get rid of Decursive? A mouseover macro (or Clique) can replace the ability to left/right click to. Yeah, with Grid+Clique and setting your left/right clicks to decurse spells. Or, make a macro like this: #showtooltip DECURSE SPELL.

Contribute to Zerf/Decursive development by creating an account on GitHub. bind a key (or create a macro '/decursive') and run, no further configuration or editing OPTIONS YOU CAN SET: (on Decursive UI click on 'O' to display the option. 1) Decursive: I've set the priorities of display to raid group 1 and raid the default Grid setup too "tunnelvisiony" (is that even a word?) for raids. So this is my first time raiding as a Mage and I'm trying to figure out how to use or setup this decursive addon. I set up my priority list and i don't.