Tekkit classic how to charge nano armor


The NanoSuit Body Armor is part of the NanoArmor Set. The NanoSuit Body Armor has no durability, but it runs on EU. The fully charged NanoSuit Set negates. NanoSuit armor is incredibly effective; with a full set, the player can survive a Nuke from a mere four-block distance. In addition, as long as the boots are charged. Nanosuit Boots are a piece of the Nano Armor Set. Like Rubber Boots, the NanoSuit Boots allow resistance to fall damage. They are made from 4 Carbon Plates.

NanoSuit Bodyarmor is the electrical variant of the Diamond Chestplate, providing 4 chestplates/8 armor points/32% damage reduction. When where full Nanosuit armor it's supposed to not take any damage but, I'm getting damaged by everything. Anyone know why or how to fix.