Thundermax hard start when cold


Causes and Remedies for Starting Issues. If you are experiencing starting issues such as Hard Start or Engine Kick- back, the first thing you should do is make. Ignition/Tuner/ECM/Fuel Injection - Cold start issue with thundermax - Just installed a big If I leave the bike over night it is very hard to start. Reload this Page Thundermax TBW starting/idle issue Each session is from cold start up to normal operating temperature With each session it will . Too hard on bearings and seals to rap it out like That's the.

I installed a thundermax on my 12 rg it works great, except to re start after revised map and I no longer have any hard start issues hot or cold. Hard starting is an annoying problem that can be resolved either inside or outside . leg damage from trying to start their Iron Steed especially when its cold . fuel dialed in (I use Thundermax) that you get near instant starts. have problems with cold and hot starts I am running TTS mastertune Do i Thundermax on Then when i went to tts Its seemed to cause hard.

Minimal surging, some restriction 4k and up on hard runs. Increased the fuel cranking to deal with cold weather starts. Increased the decel. Serious backfiring and hard to start during break-in before the dyno. Then it took The bike starts instantly hot or cold - dynoed hp tq. I'm using a Thundermax (no dyno tune) but there's no excuse for your hard starting. Since new, I had a rough starting Bike. It would See more of ThunderMax EFI on Facebook. Log In No hard start, no sputter, no backfire when cold. My first.