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Definition of gavage - the administration of food or drugs by force, especially Late 19th century: French, from gaver 'force-feed', from a base meaning 'throat'. Gavage definition is - introduction of material into the stomach by a tube. First Known Use of gavage. , in the meaning defined above. Gavage definition, forced feeding, as by a flexible tube and a force pump. See more.

Gavage definition: forced feeding by means of a tube inserted into the stomach through the mouth | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples. Define gavage. gavage synonyms, gavage pronunciation, gavage translation, English dictionary definition of gavage. n. Introduction of nutritive material into the . Looking for online definition of gavage in the Medical Dictionary? gavage explanation free. What is gavage? Meaning of gavage medical term. What does.

gavage definition: the administration of liquids through a stomach tube, as in forced feedingOrigin of gavageFrench from gaver, to stuff: see gavotte. Ā«GavageĀ» A feeding tube is a medical device used to provide nutrition to The definition of gavage in the dictionary is forced feeding by means of a tube. gavage(Noun). A process of force-feeding cattle for veal. gavage(Noun). Feeding by means of a tube passed into the stomach. gavage(Verb). To stuff or glut with.