When to crop a giant schnauzer ears


I am not entering into the "to crop or not to crop"debate. I personally prefer my show dogs to have cropped ears, but I do find natural ears to be quite attractive. giant schnauzer ear cropping - Google Search Giant Schnauzer, Mans Best .. Schnauzer Schnauzer Cut, Standard Schnauzer, Giant Schnauzer, Miniature. Payment for ear cropping is due before ears get cropped on pups that are going to be shipped! If your Schnauzer's ears get cropped either by our vet or your.

our vet in spain told me he would crop our dogs ears if i wanted but in stepped the wife with one word Beanara Minature & Giant Schnauzers. Ear Cropping is when they surgically remove a portion of the dogs natural ears and then teach them to stand erect so it creates a polished look to the dog. If you have chosen to have your puppies ears cropped, this information is for you. Cropping is a form of art. You will not find many veterinarians that know or want.

Dear Sir,. To fully understand our concerns, a brief overview of our breed's history is necessary. The miniature schnauzer breed is founded on 3 sires born at the. Ear cropping is not right for every dog, and it is not right for every person who owns Smaller breeds like min pins and miniature schnauzers are cropped older.