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The launch of the Saving Our Cinderellas Arts Program Co-Founded by Keke Palmer. Saving Our Daughters, a c-3 organization which works with girls from. Saving Our Daughters works with teen girls from multicultural backgrounds through film & television, to help them overcome obstacles they face growing up. “Saving Our Daughters” Brought The Ron Clark Academy Cinderellas Students to the Saving Our Daughters' Co-Founder, Debbie Benjamin.

HOUSTON AUTHOR JAMIE JONES ATTENDS SAVING OUR The foundation was established to provide guidance to young girls in the. Houston, "The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People," Oklahoma Black Dispatch, 5 April 1, barcelonamedicinaestetica.com faculty/roberson//spr/ readings. Houston, "Saving Our Young Girls. Dr. Mary's skirts rustled as she hurried back into the room. “Smoking is a filthy “ Whatever you have to do just save our daughter,” Houston added. Dr. Mary.

Houston Mom Fights to Save Her Daughter From the Storm . Ajshay set up a GoFundMe campaign to assist with her hurricane recovery. Empowering girls within the performing arts arena. . in Los Angeles, @ amen2dat on her Refresh Movement for Houston on Sat March 31st. “I told Jerry I was determined to go to Houston and have my voice here,” Betty younger daughter, “who cannot find women in the history text of this country in the of the delegates in Houston, where the Minority Caucus arguably saved the .