Christmas orange pomander balls how to make


Looking to add a festive vibe to your home, without all the glitter and lights? Orange pomander balls are quite possibly the quickest and best. How to make spiced orange pomander balls - a favorite Christmas craft and a natural air freshener. Pomander Ball Christmas Gift: One whiff of the wonderful scent of a pomander I made one for the first time in ages and for some reason the orange fermented.

Here's how to make pomander balls, which are simply oranges pierced by cloves . Try putting an orange pomander at the bottom of your Christmas stockings. Learn how to make your own pomander balls for the holidays from citrus Bring the scents and sights of Christmas to your holiday table with fresh citrus and cloves. Citrus fruits - oranges, lemons, grapefruits, limes; Toothpicks; Whole cloves. Pomander Christmas oranges are a fun and easy craft that kids can and worn around the neck to ward off disease, pomander balls were later.

I remember making spiced pomander balls for Christmas presents as a Girl Scout years ago. We started with bowls of whole cloves and tangy. Making orange and clove pomander balls is a perfect wintertime indoor Small pomanders can be strung to wreaths or used as Christmas tree.