How to string a mandolin banjo banjolin


The mandolin-banjo is a hybrid instrument, combining a The banjolin is different from the banjo-mandolin in the number of strings that it has. Banjolins today are supposed to have four. The Banjolin is an instrument the same scale length as a Mandolin, but with only 4 strings. It is essentialy a soprano banjo. The Banjolin does not have paired. It has eight strings and appears to have the original keys. [1] There's no difference between "banjo mandolin" and "banjolin"; the latter is a.

Im new here and looking for some info I have what some say is a banjolin some say its mandolin banjo has any one seen one of these it is a Banjolins have 4 strings tuned GDAE. If it has 8 strings its banjo mandolin instead . I'm not so keen on banjo mandolins as I think the doubled. I have recently acquired a 8 string banjo mandolin - sometimes called a BANJOLIN i believe. A Bell Tone instrument. I play mandolin, and a bit.