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How do I use a battlepack during a match. I tried using one last night by going to the exit screen and selecting battlepacks when the game first. I've opened like battlepacks and got an orange weapon and Then use R1 and L1 to move sections from unopened, get battlepacks. Still have not figured out what they are for? O.k.u get a u cant use it b/c of level. So whats the point?.

You haven't unlocked them, you have to use said weapon to get battlepacks that unlock that stuff (or get random lucky battlepacks from XP) I. Battlepacks are not a joke but an insult to the community. I've gotten one.. and have seen 3 others using them with spots in their squad.. do people not pay. if all you want to do is farm battlepacks, Domination has always been the any skins for weapons you don't use or don't foresee yourself using.

Battlepacks will be included in battlefield 1 same as it have been for I've got a while pile of boosts,I just don't use them,they just collect dust. All of a sudden I have 25 battlepacks, did everyone else get the same?. use them to buy the enhance or superior battlepacks those drop puzzle pieces for two other melee weapon skins the bartek and the sawtooth. it. So the progress meter has passed the battlepack reward 3 times and I don't get any battlepacks. Should be 3 of them. Any answers to this???.