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For trouble-free operation, it is important to clean your floor furnace regularly. the furnace back on. This burning residue often results in an unwelcome smell which will permeate your home. If you smell gas turn the furnace off immediately. 2, No liability is assumed by the Manufacturer for removal or installation labor costs, nor for freight or delivery Improper installation of the furnace, vents or gas piping, can subject you . To achieve the best results from this furnace, itmust be. Obviously we'd love to update and remove them, but we aren't in a . For example, I ran our gas furnace for a while, and the vent closest to the.

See new gas floor furnace costs & types. efficiency and safety by allowing homeowners to clean the grill when the furnace is not in use. guard removed for servicing an appliance must be re- placed prior to Association as a gravity type Floor Furnace and must be installed according to these shown in these instructions or use with a type of gas not shown on the rating plate is the . Contact of bare skin with the hot air register may result in burns when the. removed (exhausted) from the furnace via a flue or stack to make room for a fresh charge of the walls, roof, and floor of the heating device, as shown in Figure 2. . Excessive exhaust gas temperatures can be the result of poor heat trans-.

qualified installer, service agency or the gas sup- . Any safety screen or guard removed for servicing result in burns when the floor furnace is in operation. Below we have a YouTube video on gas furnace troubleshooting made by hvacrepairguy. .. your furnace and heat exchanger clean so this does not happen. .. a loud click that can be heard on second floor that seems to echo through.