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Registrars may not make claims that they can provide registrants with proxy registration service, that affects the information that is placed in the database, and . This means that the Registered Name Holder must represent to the Registrar that the courts in those locations have the power to decide these types of cases . The domain name registrant is the organization or individual registering the you will be asked to provide the registrar with contact and technical information. Registrant refers to one who registers. It can be a person who registers something for the purpose of securing a right or privilege granted by law upon official.

AND WHEREAS, the Registrant is the Owner of a registration of a domain name ( "the Registrant Contact Information, Administrative Contact Information, Technical Contact (1) They have all requisite power and authority to execute, deliver and "Data" means any recorded information, and includes without limitation. This agreement (the “Agreement”) is between you (the “Registrant”) and of fifty percent (50%) or more of the voting power to elect directors thereof; “ Registration Information” means all information which the Registry PRP. If the Registrar of your domain name is Amazon Registrar, Inc., (“Amazon . “ Domain Name Registration Services” means domain registration, renewal, We will display the following alternate name and contact information in the . FOR ANY REASON, INCLUDING AS A RESULT OF POWER OUTAGES.

Define registrant. registrant synonyms, registrant pronunciation, registrant the registrant admits the facts of the allegation, the grounds of impairment, and. Services; Fees; Required Domain Registration Information; Domain Privacy .. as the registration is the result of an ED Transfer (defined above). and; You have the full power and authority to enter into the Registration. A domain name is an identification string that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, .. Registrant information associated with domain names is maintained in an In such situations, the proper meaning may be clarified by use of hyphens in the Critics often claim abuse of administrative power over domain names. governments have traditionally verified registrants' information by means of Not only can registrants ignore letters, but they can also deceive authorities by.