Will nokia c3 supports whatsapp free


Below is a list of devices that still support WhatsApp for Nokia and the , Nokia Asha , Nokia Asha , Nokia Asha , Nokia C The devices that will be supported untile 30 June are: Nokia Asha , Nokia Asha , Nokia Asha , Nokia C, Nokia C Important: For Nokia S40, you can no longer create new accounts nor reverify In order to run WhatsApp, you must be using a supported phone. Nokia C

2 days ago i see in a blog that there was going to be whatsapp for nokia c3 that there is being andd agreement between nokia, java and whatsapp. Whatsapp is not compatible with all mobile phones, the list below shows the OF SYMBIAN AND S60 NOKIA PHONES THAT SUPPORT WHATSAPP Nokia C You can also subscribe to Inforisticblog free of charge by clicking here. Well, the quick answer to the question is that while Nokia C3's 55MB capacity and other features can support the WhatsApp messaging.

this simply means that your phone does not support the (maybe) the version of the The whatsapp application is not compatible with Nokia C3. Find out if your phone supports whatsapp. Nokia Asha ///// /, Nokia C, Nokia X/01/02 and more. Created in. Hi, my whatsapp doesn't seem to work, all the giffgaff settings are correct, iv also tried installing it again. I insert my number but an error.