How to create rough wind ragnarok guide


posted in New Player Zone and General Guides: I can't decide which method would Farming the wind of Verdures to convert into rough winds?. Enchanted Stone Craft (Skill ID# 96, iRO Name: Enchantedstone Craft) Blood/ Crystal Blue/Star Dust into 1 Great Nature/Rough Wind/Flame Heart/Mystic Frozen/Star Crumb using a Mini-furnace. Weapon Forging Guide: Click Here. Find out how to create arrow as an arhcer class in RO, see what items are needed to make different type of arrows and Rough Wind · Arrow of Wind x .

From iRO Wiki Enables to create elemental stones by consuming a Mini Furnace and 10 Rough Wind. png, 10 Wind of Verdure. From iRO Wiki. Jump to: navigation, search Note: Turning elemental stones into Rough Wind is more expensive. It will cost 12 Elemental. The materials used decide the weapon to be created as well as any additional Items such as Flame Heart, Mystic Frozen, Rough Wind and Great Nature can be used to imbue the weapon with the Fire, Water, Wind and Earth properties, respectively. . Introduction · Basic Controls · FAQ · Glossary.

Rough Wind. A pale green, lightning bolt shaped stone imbued with the Wind property. Currently Maintained by Mosu, Yurei, and Vienna of iRO Wiki Created . Ragnarok Online Mobile - Eternal Love (English Guide). Game Guide and Translation Portal. Search Dagger of Wind 50 Rough Wind. Rough Wind, Change attack into wind element for 15mins. Hornet; Piere; Hunter Fly; Wind Ghost Note: Check out how to find item guide here. See Also Flame Heart Mystic Frozen Great Nature External Links iRO Wiki Database Divine Pride Database Rough Wind The item's info window. Info Type .