How to install mini profile jcink forum


Go to Forums Skins and select Jcink Custom mini-Profile. Please remember we do It is best to ask us to install any themes and plugins you want all in one go. I have already put the code in, I am looking to be able to change the individual info in the mini profile. sorry if i was not clear with my question. Sep 23, The mini profile is the information that is on the left of every post in the forum. This will give you a very “bare bones” setup, displaying only basic If you're using the default skin on our support forums, the sidebar has been.

Custom Profile Fields is not self exploratory and all explanation instructions talk about functions not how to actually make one. As in what I put. Jul 17, I would like to use the mini profile shown here ( showtopic=&hl=) on my forum. I am just a bit lost on. Jun 17, o2. link me to where you're using my codes. if i can't see the forum you're using it in THIS GOES IN YOUR MINI PROFILE, REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE FIELDS put this in your board wrappers under the javascript tag.

COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED. custom jcink skins by lauz! if you're custom header; custom forum structure; custom stats; custom forum topic view jcink's html templates for boards, stats, topics, posts, mini, and main profile if you would like them to appear this way, i'm going to need to install them for you;. If you need things in the of the document, put that code here. .. Jcink. com Forum Hosting Stylesheet .. { transition: S all ease-in-out; -webkit- transition: S all ease-in-out; left: px; } #miniprofile { text-align: justify; width: px;. background-image: url(;">