Storm vs thor who would win marvel


Thor is an Asguardian God and Storm is just a human mutant. Thor's physical Who would win in a fight between Thor (the Marvel character) and Storm? Why?. who would win? Probably a lot of people who already asked this, but seriously! My personal opinion, Thor. He's a god. And hes got a really big. Who Wins It? Storm vs. Thor. By Clave Jones Last updated Mar 4, Having fought Thor before, she knew that Mjolnir would now be bearing down on her from behind, as it was . Daddy Issues in Marvel Movies.

Storm can't do anything to Thor's generated storms because they're not part of Earth's weather, they're a mystical construct made by deific. We're pitting one of the most legendary heroes of the Marvel Universe Powerwise, I would say that Thor is more powerful then Storm but she said storm could beat thor, the argument was who was a better character not. Storm went on to win that fight, one of the five major DC vs. Marvel (not that Captain Marvel) was a kind of undercard match, which Thor won.

RELATED: Thor VS Hulk: 15 Biggest Fights In Comics But who could possibly hope to beat the all-powerful Prince of Asgard? . In Marvel's “Ultimate” comic line, the Ultimates are the Avengers in every respect but name. Storm Spider-Man Jubilee Namor Quicksilver Thor Hulk DC: Lobo Batman Thor vs. Captain Marvel (Shazam), who would win? Superman vs. Y'know, I don't know if Storm could win against the real Thor. Though to be fair, neither could 98% of the Marvel universe — but you know.