Tefal actifry how to make chips


Everyone loves proper fried Homemade Chips, but they're often the first thing to get knocked on the head when you're on a diet. Deep fried. Preparation. Well have been on a quest to make Potato Chips or Crisps as it is know in other countries Well it worked.. Slice the potato very very thin. you can . Wash the potatoes and then cut them into fries. The fries should be equal.

Tefal introduces ActiFry®, a revolutionary and versatile air fryer that can cook a range of food. Prepare 1kg of perfectly crisp chips using only a fraction of the oil. An easy healthy way to make homemade potato chips using the T-Fal ActiFry and a small amount of cold pressed oil. This review also covers making home made chips & fast food. Towards the end of , we went for the Tefal Actifry 1kg, which is their.