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The Heroes of Telemark () Movies, TV, Celebs, and more. Ulla Jacobsson in The Heroes of Telemark () Kirk Douglas and Richard Harris in .. The real-life World War II missions, on which this film is based, were . The Heroes of Telemark is a British Eastman Color war film directed by Anthony Mann based on the true story of the Norwegian heavy water sabotage.

Inspired by a true story, The Heroes of Telemark also features Michael Redgrave and Anton Diffring. Spy film with spectacular landscapes. The Heroes of Telemark turned out to be Mann's final film (he would die suddenly while shooting A Dandy in Aspic in ; star Laurence Harvey completed the. COME FROZEN HELL OR HIGH ADVENTURE Their Mission: Stop the Nazis from developing the atom bomb! The Heroes of Telemark is a action film released .

The operation has formed the basis for several films and tv-series, both the most well-known probably being "The Heroes of Telemark" from. The Heroes of Telemark: Richard Harris, David Weston, Kirk Douglas, Sebastian Breaks, Anthony Mann, S. Benjamin Fisz, Ltd. Benton Film Prods. The Heroes of Telemark (). Film details. Featuring. Kirk Douglas Richard Harris Ulla Jacobsson. Director. Anthony Mann. Country. United Kingdom. Year. Water was dripping in a hydrogen plant at Rjukan in Telemark, Norway, and all aboard were either killed in the crash or shot by the Germans.