What animal is the minnesota wild mascot


A WILD animal born in the north woods of the Iron Range, Nordy was found skating proudly accepted the offer to become the mascot for the Minnesota Wild. As mascots go, us Minnesota sports fans have quite a few roaming around Could the Wild have made their mascot something a little more. We were wondering about Nordy, that wild and crazy mascot for the Wild. What kind of animal is it anyway? Someone in the crowd next to us.

This is a list of current and former National Hockey League (NHL) mascots, sorted .. The Minnesota Wild unveiled their mascot, named Nordy, on October 5 , Not much is known about the species that belonged to this mascot; some say he is. Minnesota Wild unveil 'Nordy,' their first mascot little like a bear and a little like a fox, but the team won't say exactly what kind of animal he is. Minnesota Wild primary logo totaling 2 logos. Wild's logo is called “Wild Animal,” the imprint depicts both a forest landscape and the silhouette of a animal.

I'm a Pens fan and have always assumed it was one animal only to meet the Nice to know that half of our pro teams share the same mascot. Idk but after the series again Winnipeg it's a dead animal It's a Wild .. I'd say it's a bear and it's theoretically the same animal as their mascot. When the Minnesota Wild logo was initially unveiled back , the context in referring to the creature as a “wild animal” and nothing more.