What happened to savage steve holland


Savage Steve Holland (born ) is an American writer, producer, voice actor, animator, and film director who wrote and directed the cult films Better Off Dead. Marvelously quirky and creative writer, director, producer and animator Savage Steve Holland was born in Holland earned the childhood nickname. the director talks about what's happened since and what might be next. When “Savage” Steve Holland was involved with Disney and.

Savage Steve Holland—who animated the Press Your Luck I still think it's the best thing that ever happened to me and the movie, getting Cusack. Nobody else . Writer and director 'Savage' Steve Holland lacks the name recognition of a John Hughes or a Cameron Crowe, but for a fleeting moment in the. The person I interviewed below, Savage Steve Holland. While some people think that Savage Steve disappeared after “Better Off Dead” and.

So what happened to Savage Steve Holland and why haven't we seen In any event, this is my cry to Savage to give us a modern day Better Off Dead film. In , year-old CalArts animation grad Savage Steve Holland wrote and directed — and got Warner Bros. to fund and distribute — two.