Who was president in december 1989 romania


The Romanian Revolution (Romanian: Revoluția Română) was a period of violent civil unrest in the Socialist Republic of Romania in December and part of the Revolutions of .. Opruta to proceed to Palace Square to pick up the president. As he flew over Palace Square he saw it was impossible to land there. Nicolae Ceaușescu was a Romanian Communist politician. He was the general secretary of the Romanian Communist Party from to , and hence the second and last Communist leader of Romania. He was also the country's head of state from , serving as President of .. On 18 December , Ceausescu departed for a state visit to Iran, leaving. 22 December , Romanian Communist Party (PCR). The first President of Romania.

On 22 December , Romania's communist leader Nicolae John Simpson: " The pictures that proved the old president was dead". Nicolae Ceaușescu, (born January 26, , Scornicești, Romania—died December 25, , near Bucharest), Communist official who was leader of. Romanian President Nicolae Ceausescu speaks forcefully to the Romanian And on Christmas Day in , Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and Romanians burn a portrait of Nicolae Ceausescu in Denta on Dec.

A few months later, Emil Constantinescu, a geologist, was elected President of Romania. Mentioning these two apparently unrelated events in. Until 22 December , Bucharest's stolid Central Committee 25 years after the “revolution”, Romania will swear in a new president. revolution started in Timisoara – a city in western Romania – on December 16, I was in Bucharest on December 21 when Ceausescu called for a it looked like Romania was going to choose a leftist president. The president attended on December 21 the public ceremonies held in Bucharest's University Square to commemorate the victims of the