How to make elephant toothpaste volcano


FANTASTIC FOAMY FOUNTAIN. Your experiment created a reaction called an Exothermic Reaction – that means it not only created foam, it created heat! This experiment is sometimes called “Elephant’s Toothpaste” because it looks like toothpaste coming out of a tube, but don’t. How to Make Elephant Toothpaste. Making elephant toothpaste is an easy and fun science experiment that you can do with your kids at home. A kid-safe version of the classic Elephant's Toothpaste. Since the activity is called Exploding Toothpaste, use your creativity to make a wrap that looks like a .

Our EXTREME Scientists do the Elephant's Toothpaste demonstration in our Extreme Science Theater located on the lower level of the science center. So if you. The elephant toothpaste chemistry demonstration produces steaming foam like Build a Baking Soda Volcano · Make Sulfuric Acid at Home · Make Homemade Dry Ice The detergent captures the gases to make bubbles. Elephant's toothpaste is a foamy substance caused by the rapid decomposition of hydrogen peroxide by using potassium iodide as a catalyst. How rapidly the reaction proceeds will depend on the concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Because it requires only a small number of ingredients and makes a "volcano of foam", from baker's yeast, is added to make the hydrogen peroxide.

We all know what elephant toothpaste is, but what's the best way to make this massive growing foam? Dr. Lithium from NurdRage has answers. Elephant toothpaste is a demonstration students will remember forever. This lesson outlines how to make elephant toothpaste, and then explains why.