Who won the 2nd debate presidential


But in trying to answer for the comments in the opening round of the second presidential debate, the Republican nominee mixed qualified. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump clashed in often personal terms in the second presidential debate on Sunday night in St. Louis. I watched. Who won Sunday's debate? Well, Donald Trump did. Sort of. Let's discuss. First, let's remember how the big question for Trump was whether he.

It was clear going into the second presidential debate that this would be no ordinary political event. This would be huge. It would be the first. Our team of writers give their verdicts on whether Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump triumphed in the second presidential TV debate. You can. Highlights from the second presidential debate: Trump fights dirty against Jessica Valenti: 'People will say that Trump won simply because he.

CNN commentators and guest analysts offer their take on Sunday night's second presidential candidate debate. The United States presidential election debates were a series of debates held for the The second presidential debate took place on October 9, and the final debate took place on October All CPD Hillary Clinton was considered to have won all three presidential debates in opinion polls of likely voters. Despite. The explosive second presidential debate rocked the United States Sunday night , but who came out on top?.