How is ding dong ditching illegal


hmm Wouldn't have thought so, but apparently it can be considered criminal mischief. Not for the first time but a pattern of it could be a legal. Coocoo, A person who is caught "ding-dong ditching" would be responsible for producing "Loud or unreasonable noises" and could easily fall. Ding dong ditching is NOT illegal. Most neighbors say they get annoyed by the disturbance but there is no consequence for ding dong ditching.

Ding dong ditching can be very hard. Let me give you an example: One time, in elementary school, my neighbor girl and her friend who were. Stop. Why'd you even try in the first place? It makes you seem like a baby. Also, if you're so bad you get caught, then why'd you try?. It is unlikely that the boys would be charged with an offense for a single instance of ringing a doorbell. However, they might be charged with.

A homeowner in his underwear chased down and tackled one of four teens who rang his doorbell and fled in a late-night prank called "ding. They played ding-dong-ditch and got caught. Now, a local judge known for his creative sentences has punished three local teens. CLICK to see what.