How to play a strum stick dulcimer


How to Play the Strumstick. The Strumstick ® is a clever three stringed instrument , based on the Mountain Dulcimer. Like the Dulcimer, it is tuned to a diatonic. The Stick Dulcimer is my generic name for these instruments that have a become means that if you just strum without fretting the instrument plays the chord. Strumstick Dulcimer: A fun build to use up some off-cuts This will be a I know that it would sound different with alternative strings and playing style but as it is I.

Holding your Stick Dulcimer properly & comfortably will allow you to have greater control over the instrument while playing. We find it best to hold the Stick. You can play many chords, complex melodies and rhythms, . The Strumstick and the dulcimer are close musical. strum stick "Mama Bear" Strum stick with a mandolin body. This is a tenor strum stick with a mandolin body. It is just as easy to play as all strum sticks, but has a.

How to play the Strumstick by Bob McNally, inventor of the Strumstick. Blues Strumstick 1 - YouTube Mountain Dulcimer, Mountain Music, Recorder Music.