How to take headrest off 2007 silverado


By Podman, May 15, in Silverado & Sierra I did this and got the headrests off and my seat covers on. I never noticed. Pull up with the pin inserted and the headrest comes off. On the Silverado , press the large and the small buttons on the base to pull off the headrest. i want to install seat covers on my chev silverado crew cab but i cannot figure out how to remove the head rests first. can you help?.

Remove round cap on top of seat that you"ll see clip to remove headrest. Mornin gang, I have a 07 Tahoe and i have some covers to put over my i cant get the headrest off the seat, i have pushed the button,extended it to the If you take a look at the round bezel that is on the one that doesnt have. for my truck today and to put them on i need to take off all my headrest. (GMT) Non Powertrain > need help!!! trying to take off.

06 Silverado ISS / 06 Silverado SS / 06 C SRT8 Pics, as usual. Headrest is already removed for the pic, but I took them so you could see the mechanism work. Richard PM - Post# In response.