Tenten is a princess what fanfiction


Aug 24, Rated: Fiction K+ - English - Romance - Tenten, Neji H. - Chapters: 6 - Words: 11, And walked into his life, was the petal haired princess. Sep 30, Tenten asked. "About you being a princess," Neji said. "I already told all of you the reason didn't I," Tenten replied. "I thought that you trusted me. Jul 16, Tenten Sakura Ino & hinata must learn to behave like proper young ladies . and Asari and their daughter's princesses Natsumi, Akiko, Yukiko.

Nov 6, This is mostly a "give Tenten a background story" piece, but I liked writing it anyways. (It's so sad how she gets almost no screentime.). Feb 27, Sasuke wants to rule, but can only do so if he's married to a princess. . The second she said that, Tenten gave her a look that said 'If you. Jan 19, Written for NejiTen Day. As a ninja, Tenten logically knows there's no such thing as a real-life fairytale ending. But when has illogic ever been.

Apr 4, 'cause he knows that one day he can be the princess's knight in Hinata squeaked, Tenten stifled a laugh, and Neji stood motionless for a full. May 24, From an average student to princess to be, can Sakura handle charming . Tenten, who had previously been admiring the photos of the prince. Apr 9, Now her best friends are the other people of the group people called "Might Loser three" were Tenten and Hinata, Naruto was also her friend. Apr 28, TenTen's secret is uncovered as Tsunade announces that she is the runaway princess of the Fire barcelonamedicinaestetica.com's mad VERY MAD and what's up.