What wrong with my facebook messages


Real-time overview of problems with Facebook Messenger. Service @ Areef_Billah my fb messenger is not working. does anyone encounter this problem?. All of a sudden I my Facebook messages stopped working. the above steps don't help resolve the issue, please use the Report a Problem to let us know more. Suddenly my fb account is not showing me my messages not even a single message can be seen can i know why this problem occurred and please help me res.

Hi Ali, Thanks for posting about this problem with reading messages. It sounds like this could be a browser issue. Try updating your browser (ex. Chrome, Firefox. I have been unable to access my inbox or send any messages on facebook, and it has I uninstalled the facebook 10 update, that seemed to fix my problem. Chat & Messages. My facebook inbox wont load its messages! Asked about 6 years ago by Joe Milburn. Votes · Followers. Good Question. Follow this .

Are you experiencing this problem with Facebook Messenger? Before I uninstalled it, Messenger occupied MB of space on my phone. You may not be able to see any of the messages or new messages with this problem. Make sure Facebook Messenger is not running in the background. “My Facebook Messages Won't Load”, “I can't access my messages on their Help Center, but I've tried it, and it didn't solve my problem at all.