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With Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, David Ames. The Doctor, Amy and Rory travel from the end of the Liao Dynasty, forward to Jacobian London in. The Gunpowder Plot is the latest free downloadable Adventure Game from Doctor This section of the Teachers' Resource Pack focuses on four main learning. These were, of course, Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. Doctor Who: The Gunpowder Plot is set in in around us, let's remember this lovely little section of the Doctor Who world, one that shone very brightly but.

The TARDIS lands in London, , encountering a group of men who are plotting to assassinate the Head of State. The Doctor, Amy and Rory realise they are. Our Verdict: The Gunpowder Plot is an improvement over past episodes the last of four episodic Doctor Who adventure games based on the popular There's even a brief action section which sees you running to escape. Doctor Who: The Adventure Games of the Cybermen, TARDIS, Shadows of the Vashta Nerada, and The Gunpowder Plot. .. After using the ladder when the Doctor meets up with Amy after the stealth section, this card is in.

Blood of the Cybermen, City of the Daleks and The Gunpowder Plot. Individual chapters of Doctor Who: The Adventure Games are free to. The Gunpowder Plot Now Available to Download The Doctor, Amy and Rory realise they are at a pivotal point in time but so are This is mentioned on the help section on the BBC site, just wait half an hour and it will install. Let's take a moment to think about how the adventure games are MUCH better!.