How to build a stacking sawhorse


Scrap 2x4s can be used to build sturdy, strong, and stackable sawhorses, in less than an hour. Cross beams: (2 per sawhorse). Cut 3' long each. For one pair of sawhorses, cut from two 2x4x7's. Aternatively, buy one 2x4x12', but two 2x4x7' probably cost. Framing carpenters usually build these sawhorses when they show up at a job site. They leave them Features: Inexpensive, elegant, light, stackable, strong.

Building this sawhorse requires materials that you can easily find on most job sites or in your home workshop. All you need is a few 2x4s and. Free Woodworking Plans - Building the Sawhorse I-Beams Since the inch assembly will stack on top of the inch unit, we'll need to. This step by step project is about stackable sawhorse plans. I have designed this sawhorse with four legs, so you can use it on the job site or in the shop.