How to counter spectre in war commander


Effective Unit Levels vs Turrets The Spectre was the second Unit in War Commander to have a Production Limit not dictated by space requirements. When the. Thorium Technology Advantage, Level: 5, The Elite Spectre gains increased Movement Speed and Effective Unit Levels vs Turrets War Commander First . Spectre is the hardest carry in the game, at the cost of being weak early on and farming slowly. and it doesn't look like your Legion Commander got enough damage to contribute. .. Never get involved in a land war in Asia.

more counters. Spectre, titan, kondor, warhawks, HS's, etc can all be shoot down easily when online or offline. War Commander: LEVEL Forum Home › War Commander › General Discussion I go destroy one, and when I get back into my base to start repairs, I notice my counter now says . Elite Mega Tank, Crusader, FAV, Viper, Widowmaker, Spectre, Titan. (They aren't total, it's like the Sickles, it's a new counter each mission.) The payouts seem to WAR COMMANDER WIKIA. Lead Administrator.

When I play spectre my 6 slotted spectre has following items. Boots of Travel + Kill her allies first (especially healers) and then you have 1 spectre VS 3–4 of your team mates. >> No need to tell . You can also win a farm war with spectre. Spectre . Legion commander with a blademail can also kill spectre. In this patch if.