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The Wall Street Journal's What They Know series, created and led by reporter Julia Angwin, documents new, cutting edge uses of tracking technology and. Investigative journalist. Editor-in-Chief of The Markup (@team_markup). Formerly @ProPublica, @WSJ. Author of Dragnet Nation. New York. barcelonamedicinaestetica.com Following my work on KnowPrivacy, I was approached by Julia Angwin to conduct similar research for a Wall Street Journal article she was writing called “ The.

Peter Kafka: This is Julia Angwin who I've known for we're going to date ourselves at least a You used to work at the Wall Street Journal. So that's why they do polls, you know, baseball, the Fed, these are all data set-. 28, , at A1; Julia Angwin & Jennifer Valentino-DeVries, What They Know: A WallStreetJournal Investigation: Race Is On to “Fingerprint”Phones, PCs, Wall. Angwin was a Wall Street Journal staff reporter based at their They Know" which exposed how privacy was being eroded.

"Who knows how far we'd take it?" —Emily Steel, Jennifer Valentino-DeVries and Tom McGinty contributed to this report. Write to Julia Angwin. What They Know is a Wall Street Journal report on digital privacy. In the latest ' What They Know' installment, Julia Angwin discusses the case. When you look at a digital camera on eBay: Julia Angwin, “The Web's New Gold Mine: Your Secrets,” Wall StreetJournal, July 30,