What is a self blue chicken


I've recently started raising Cochins, so I purchased my first pair last weekend. I bought a Blue Hen, and a blue frizzle rooster. So lately I've. A blue chicken bred to a blue chicken will produce black, splash and blue chicks. I don't know of any breeds that have a true “self blue” variety. Lavender or self-blue refers to a plumage color pattern in the chicken (Gallus gallus domesticus) characterized by a uniform, pale bluish grey color across all.

When breeding Self Blue to Slate both Slates and Self Blues result, with no And then the confusion really started because many breeders also bred chickens . Chicken Feather Colors - learn all about the wide variety of chicken feather Self blue the U.S. and lavender in the U.K. is characterized by a uniform, pale. Use of blue gene in chicken varieties. image *not recognised varieties.

When I first started keeping chickens again, I had no idea where to start . Poultry Association (APA) refers to the lavender color as "Self Blue". Self Blue (Lavender) Cochins. Self Blue (Lavender) Silkies. Also, occasionally have Black (split to Lavender) in both cochins & silkies. Black Cochin Hen (Large . 6 VERY RARE LAVENDER SELF BLUE D'ANVER BANTAM CHICKEN Barbu d'Anvers Hen Chicken, Chicken Breeds, Hens And Chicks, Chickens And.