What is a tea olive tree


Tea olive, a plant of the genus Osmanthus in the family Oleaceae, often grown for its fragrant flowers and shining, evergreen foliage. There are about 15 species. An unforgettable fragrance merges with slow but steady growth, making the Tea Olive Tree a must-have. Because it grows slowly, this dense evergreen plant. Tea olives grow as dense, evergreen shrubs or small trees. Their leaves resemble holly leaves, explaining another common name, false holly.

Osmanthus fragrans variously known as sweet osmanthus, sweet olive, tea olive, and fragrant It is an evergreen shrub or small tree growing to 3–12 m (– ft) tall. The leaves are 7–15 cm (– in) long and –5 cm (– in). Tea olive shrubs are a staple to southern gardens. by dark, leathery, evergreen leaves that at first glance resemble the leaves of a holly bush. One of the most refreshing signs of fall – and spring – is the unique and memorable fragrance of tea olive in full bloom. This evergreen tree or shrub, depending.

Osmanthus fragrans is a shrub or small tree recognized more by its Read this article to learn about growing Osmanthus tea olive plants. Click to see a larger version and more at the "Trees and Powerlines" website. Tea olive is a classic Southern shrub that blooms at various times.