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As the newly installed editor of French Vogue, Emmanuelle Alt is “She doesn't wear makeup, wears little jewelry, hasn't had surgery. Her inaugural issue of Vogue Paris is about to drop, and after making the rounds at Fashion Monthher first as Editor-in-ChiefEmmanuelle Alt is currently the most. How to dress like Emmanuelle Alt, the new editor of French Vogue and smoke, drink, wear makeup except for eyeliner or go to a hair salon.

Emmanuelle Alt chief and editor of "Vogue Paris". I'm a big fan of She doesn't wear make-up sometime she only use a mascara. Alt is not. How often do you leave the house without make up on? Emmanuelle Alt. The editor in Chief of Vogue Paris is a long-standing style icon to. French Vogue's new editor, Emmanuelle Alt, buys her jeans at Topshop. and facials, and isn't too bothered about her hair and make-up.

EMMANUELLE ALT and the French Vogue team have recorded a pop video in which they sing along to Wham's Wake Me Up, in order to celebrate the launch of . Ms. Kendal, who wears no makeup, says that for many in the fashion and beauty industries, perhaps like Emmanuelle Alt, Tonne Goodman and.