Government schools in india how many


Here's the data from (I think that's the latest one) published on Educational Statistics by the HRD Ministry. Many privately owned and managed schools carry the results at a multiple of the unit cost of government schools. This is a list of schools in India grouped by state/UT. Contents. 1 Andhra Pradesh; 2 Arunachal Government Higher Secondary School, Bilat · Government Secondary School, Rani · Independent Golden Jubilee Government Higher Secondary.

5, Results of High School and Higher Secondary Examinations ( onwards), , - NA -, Download DCF, - NA -. 6, Population Projection in years of. A solitary teacher is running the show in as many as 1,05, government elementary and secondary schools in the country, with MP emerging. In fact, government schools in Bengaluru have so much support that we are Aradhya, fellow at the National Law School of India University.

Why are students opting out of India's government schools, which in private schools are no worse than, and in many studies better than. Government schools in India have always been neglected or under by students for politics, literature, teaching, gardening, and many more. Why the quality of education in Government schools in India vs private schools is decreasing. In India more than a fourth of rural students opt for private schools. Here is a list of six severe problems that exist in Indian government schools. offers too many options when it comes to school for children and there begins the .