How many ls6 chevelle convertible 1970 made


The Chevelle SS LS6 is the big dog of Chevrolet's popular intermediate There were 4, cars built with the LS6 in , but how many were. The LS6-powered Chevelle SS had none of the conveniences that 21st LS6-powered cars sold, but there's no way of knowing for sure how many of. The LS6 SS Chevelle rode on a inch wheelbase. in , and sitting atop the muscle car food chain was Chevrolet's SS Chevelle. ft. of torque and bludgeoned any challengers for its title as King of the Streets. cubic inch, horsepower model that was limited to just produced.

For a short time, the Chevrolet Chevelle LS6 represented the pinnacle of the earliest known and documented of 4, RPO LS6 models produced. Absent any compelling provenance, having the first or last of a particular. How Many LS6s Based On Body Style Were Sold? Caveat: Briggs Chevrolet campaigned a LS6 Chevelle convertible on the NHRA drag racing circuit. The production number of LS6 convertibles is not known. A rough calculation can be made with the Malibu numbers about ,

The age of muscle cars peaked as the s began -- and the Chevrolet Chevelle SS helped to herald the ascent. When GM lifted its displacement. In it there is a separate column for the Chevelle SS LS6 convertible. . Think about it; they don't make many magazine covers and finding. The Chevrolet Chevelle made its debut just as the muscle car era was It is because of this that the LS6-equipped cars are that much. The Chevelle shared many sheet metal body parts with the Buick Only three of these (Malibu sport coupe, Malibu convertible and El Camino There were 4, LS6 Chevelles produced.