How to train a cat cool tricks


How to Teach Your Cat to Do Tricks. Like many pets, cats can be trained to do tricks. Because they tend to be independent, teaching cats can take persistence, . Are you looking for some funny cat tricks to teach your kitty? Visit Animal Planet to see the top 5 funny cat tricks. Repeat training until your cat offers its paw in response to the “shake” command without tapping. Like the “come on command” trick, this can.

Cats are great learners, and training your pet builds the bond you share. Get the scoop on 5 tricks you can teach your cat. In fact, once you know the secrets, you'll be able to train cat tricks like a pro. Here is the basic approach followed by a simple cat trick you can. Many think tricks are just for dogs, but your cat is more than capable of learning the same things (after all, they are smarter than dogs, right?). If you are unsure.

Discover three cat tricks to teach during kitten training as Petplan busts the myth that our feline friends can't follow commands! Learn more here. I've actually found a cat trick that is pretty easy to teach, most likely because it's a . Ya I think it's really cool and will teach your cats fun tricks.