How to turn off facebook friends nearby


Facebook introduced Nearby Friends, a feature on iDevice that informs you when your Facebook friends are nearby. It's based on location tracking so if you want. Hi Benji, please read these two following tutorials: How to turn off nearby friends notifications: Snapchat released a new location-sharing feature last week called Snap Map. Facebook has a similar feature called Nearby Friends that you.

Facebook Is Telling Your Friends Where You Are at All Times. . Simply tap the “ Nearby Friends” buttons as the very top to disable the function. Nearby Friends is a recently released feature on the Facebook mobile application for iPhone and Android. This allows you track your friends by using the precise. This post tells you how to turn off Facebook Nearby Friends alert and notification in order to maintain your privacy. Turning on Nearby Friends.

Facebook is rolling out Nearby Friends, a feature that will allow for more meetups and run-ins in your everyday life. The feature is available on. Open the Facebook app on your Turn off the Nearby. This and how easy it is to forget to turn off Nearby Friends could lead to inadvertent “oversharing”. [Update: And Facebook confirms it will use.