Harley backfiring when starting a garden


Evo Classic Models - Backfiring when starting - I recently purchased a 98 fatboy with miles. Stock motor, mikuni 42, stock jets, screamin. Everytime I pull in the clutch to downshift it backfires and sometimes throws flames " HARLEY DAVIDSON Performance Projects" would be a good start . When a motorcycle backfires, a malfunction in your motorcycle engine mechanics is evident. By understanding why backfires happen and knowing the methods..

Vincent gallo on howard stern


Crazy-eyed The Brown Bunny fauxteur Vincent Gallo was on the Howard Stern radio show this morning, and his tour-de-force appearance nearly won us over. He slagged Buffalo 66 co-star/Eastside staple Christina Ricci as a good actress when she wasn't drunk on the set and lit into her. Vincent Gallo is dreadful. How can you guys actually give a shit about a Howard Stern interview involving this BORING filmmaker?!:twisted. In honor of Vincent Gallo's birthday today, I thought I'd post his superb interview on the Howard Stern Show for those who aren't in the know..

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