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The Doctor steps aside as Catherine Tate's Donna takes centre stage, for an episode that rips apart her entire world. Check out our Turn Left. After last week's Donna-lite episode "Midnight," we get its opposite number. The Doctor barely makes an appearance in "Turn Left" but he's. By Travis Fickett "Turn Left" marks the first episode of Russell Davies' epic three- part finale for Season 4 of Doctor Who. It's a series of "lasts".

Continuing our look back at Series Four, we review Turn Left, which just might be one of Doctor Who's strongest parallel universe episodes. Reviews[edit]. ‹The template DWRG is being considered for deletion.› "Turn Left" reviews at The Doctor Who Ratings Guide. My brother had told me it was a superb episode – and this has been backed up by Doctor Who – Turn Left Review: What's This One About?.

Well, here we go with another double-banked, Doctor-less episode that dredges up the past and All in all, "Turn Left" gets a caveated thumbs up from me. Buy entire series DVD box set: UK Buy Doctor Who DVD at barcelonamedicinaestetica.com Unfortunately, what Turn Left spins is kind of like those Victorian cushions with big. Paul Kelly and Billie Doux review 'Turn Left,' an episode of 'Doctor Who.'. That sense of celebration is probably most obvious in Turn Left, the penultimate story of the fourth season. It's basically It's a Wonderful Life.