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I have never played a Dragon age game before, I think that Dragon age Inquisition looks nice and fun to play and I am thinking of buying, is it worth it? Sign In/Sign Up · Sign in / Join · GameSpot · Forums · Games Discussion @ Archangel What are some cons and pros of the game? Avatar image. That's what I ended up doing as well. #5 Posted by FLStyle . It's not a bad game by any means, but it doesn't feel like Dragon Age anymore. It's like Dragon's. What It's Worth is a side quest in Dragon Age 3: Inquisition. It initiates by speaking with a miner wandering the canyons in the Forbidden Oasis.

What bugs me is that the DLC modifies the game so that it won't work . Dragon Age Origins was great, Dragon Age 2 was ok (except for the. Still for what it's worth the game had its good points as well, I just wish .. Dragon Age Origins was probably the last fairly good game they. Quest What It's Worth Location Forbidden Oasis Related quests The Door in Par' as Cavern Appearances Dragon Age: Inquisition What It's Worth is a side quest.

Forums: Index Game Discussion Opinions so far on Dragon Age: Inquisition. Sure, that fucking Dialogue Wheel was sill in the game, what wasn't there to be The quests are too MMO'e, walking around just for a reward that's not worth it. TrueAchievements forum thread. Are there any missable achievements in this game or does it have a new game+. The Belle of the Ball achievement in Dragon Age: Inquisition worth 37 pointsGain the full approval of the. Love RPGs, but never played Dragon Age. Spoke to my friends and opinions were mixed. Sure, it is only 10 bucks, but this is half what I plan to. I remember when I first booted up Dragon Age: Inquisition on my (not about what PC players find to be the sorry state of Dragon Age: Inquisition on their concerns thread on BioWare's forums that spans nearly pages.